About us

About us

Yoga Concepts Online is designed for you as a student to extend your practice beyond the studio/work environment or if due to lifestyle schedules you are unable to visit a studio/workplace class and are passionate about improving your life on lots of levels to cultivate happiness.

On a personal level this has evolved through my passion and intention to share with as many people as possible this Wisdom Knowledge, for the body, mind and soul giving the opportunity of happiness to be experienced for individuals and their families and friends with the essence of contributing to World Peace.

This concept came to me one day after a seminar on a Saturday and I locked my car in a car park that didn’t open until the Monday morning. If I was attached to negative emotional responses to this situation (I had lots planned the following day which required using my car) this concept may not have evolved. I applied what I teach, which simply was, “I’m obviously not meant to be using my car until Monday” and I shifted my focus to the new situation. I instantly let go of any mental negative dialogue which Ill leave to your imagination of what could have been. From there I walked away from the car park in a calm state and just proceeded to going home in a taxi which came along quickly because of my state of mental consciousness. That night I didn’t think I gained much from the seminar apart from meeting some delightful people. The next morning I woke and my day was freed up and so was the creative aspect of my being to instruct this concept Yoga Concepts Online.  This unfolded through a very simple moment and me being available and listening to my intuition. So in what can be perceived as a negative situation was hidden a gem due to the letting go of negative attachment to the situation…..Love and blessings to you and may you develop the consciousness of becoming more and more present in each moment to notice the subtleties of the goodness and gifts that are presented to us even in the most adverse times.

Ongoing Yoga Classes

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic yoga style linking breath to movement (vinyasa). It incorporates a series of progressive postures with experienced participants jumping from one pose to another to build stamina, flexibility and a calm, focused mind.

Corporate Yoga

Yoga classes at our studio or in the workplace benefit the individual by improving posture, strength, flexibility, energy levels and focus. These benefits enhance work performance, create team unity and encourage staff loyalty.

Sports Yoga for Athletes

Athletic performance is improved by the practice of yoga. By increasing flexibility and strength the risk of injury is reduced. Mental focus is increased by learning breath control and other yogic techniques. Stamina and range of movement also improves. This all contributes to giving you the edge on your competitors.

One-on-One Yoga Consultations

Individually designed to meet your needs by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. A great way to develop your practice and increase performance.

Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga

Prenatal and postnatal courses are designed to suit the students in the class and the stage of pregnancy or post pregnancy. The prenatal programs are a softer style of yoga with a more relaxing, meditative influence to help you tune into your baby and body. The postnatal yoga will also help you gently tone and strengthen your body after pregnancy.

Yoga for kids

This is lots of fun with music, costumes and laughter. Once again the program is targeted towards the age group and capability of the students . These groups are workshop based.

Stillness Meditation

This program offers the individual further self enquiry by reflecting more deeply within, with the aim of stilling the thought waves and connecting deeply with the soul. Many health benefits arise though meditation.


Teachers the individual to focus on and develop core strength. Overall strength, flexibility and body toning is achieved through the routines taught.

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