Stillness Meditation Program

8 week Introduction to Stillness Meditation Program

Offering you an introduction to stillness meditation, over eight weeks the program is based on stilling the thought waves. With this style of meditation it identifies the interplay of the push and pull of the mind and we aren't just our thoughts. With time you cultivate witness consciousness and gain the experience of going beyond thought and reawakening the intuition, higher self or inner wisdom and greater energy in the mind to improve memory and general health.

Over the eight weeks a different technique is offered each week to give the mind structure in preparing for stilling the thought waves to experience beyond thought.
The mind can be very busy. Often the individuals with an untrained mind can find it difficult to stop their thoughts from racing in their mind which can interfere with healthy sleep regimes or general concentration. By learning a variety of techniques, individuals generally find a way that works best for them in stilling the thoughts.

The course is simple yet structured and progressive with a variety of practical techniques taught to focus the mind and train the participant to still the thought waves. The classes are for 1 hr with the method practised for generally twenty minutes and the rest of the time is avail for the group to discuss their experience for feed back.

Participants are required to meditate for 20 minutes each day for maximum benefit of the program.
This technique if grasped can generate deep positive transformational change.

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