Jane Ribinskas

Januta Ribinskas

Teacher & Director/Founder

  • Director and founder of Yoga Concepts
  • Over 15 years Senior Management Corporate Experience
  • Diploma of Classical Yoga - Australian College of Classical Yoga, Swami Shantanander, Melbourne
  • Member of the YTAA
  • Teacher of Stillness Meditation
  • Teacher in Japanese Jikyu Jitsu Karu Kastanagar 1985
  • Zen Shiatsu Karu Kastanagar 1985
  • Certificate in Reiki Level 1 (Beth Gray 1988, Adelaide)
  • Transformational Breathing Facilitator Melbourne 2003
  • Level 1 Psych-K ™ 2006

Januta’s philosophies

Januta Ribinskas established Yoga Concepts as a result of a long-term vision and personal journey, discovering self-empowering wisdom knowledge and techniques that has truly turned her life around to success and happiness on all levels.

Through these discoveries she has embarked on a passionate life mission to share in the journey of her students and impart the wisdom knowledge she has gained to enhance personal freedom.

Januta lives in the present, she is aware of the importance of the past to sculpt a positive future. She helps individuals identify their stress patterns by working with the body, mind and breath to enhance their pathway to self-realisation. Januta often says, “Open your body and open your mind to bring about transformation". She delivers skills for you to discover the experience of total awareness, minute by minute, moment by moment.

Offering an integral approach Jane helps you achieve your full potential. Through this process your posture is improved, energy levels are increased, clarity of thought is enhanced, you are strengthened on a physical and psychological level, the aging process is slowed, skin and muscle tone is improved, beyond mind can be experienced and overall well being with connections occurring on all levels.

More about Januta

Januta has over 15 years experience in corporate business to senior management level and in practising yoga, including gentle Hatha yoga, Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa style. She currently bases her teachings on Classical yoga, Ashtanga yoga and her own Vinyasa flow called to “The Knowing Flow™” Vinyasa sequences. She currently teaches ongoing yoga classes, one-day, weekend and short courses. She also does one-to-one personal coaching.

Providing services within the corporate sector she offers tailored workshops and classes to senior executives and staff. She has worked with yoga teacher trainees, Australian celebrities, athletes, and with the general public in a range of workshops.

Januta also teaches meditation and Transformational Breathing, a deep diaphragmatic breathing system program using isometric exercise which increases your energy levels and metabolism to facilitate weight loss, as well as many other benefits.

Jane has a grown family and has developed and practised the techniques she teaches today to manage the pressures of family and business deadlines in a calm, focused manner. Janes positive attitude, good health, high energy and deeply-conscious experience of life reflects first hand what she teaches.

You are invited to join her and experience your path to positive change. Experience her passion as you rediscover your inner and outer worlds and tap into the wisdom knowledge that has always been there. See you soon to enrich your life experience.

Januta's main teachers and influences

Began Practicing Hatha Yoga @ Erika Von Elm1976 the Adelaide School of Yoga
Simi Roche Ashtanga Yoga 1994-99 Adelaide
Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) Iyenga Yoga 1980’s Adelaide
Karu Kastanaga Japanese Zen Shiatsu 1980’s
Sri Jani Baker Australian College of Classical Yoga 2002
Sri Robert Byrne Ashtanga yoga 1999
Greg & Tracy Cooper Ashtanga Yoga
Dena Kinsburg Ashtanga Yoga
Matthew Sweeney Ashtanga Yoga
Louise Sear Ashtanga Yoga
David Williams AshtangaYoga
John Scott Ashtanga Yoga
Manju Jois Ashtanga Yoga
Dr Joe Dispensa
Dr Bruce Lipton
Dr Rob Williams
His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama
Mahant Swami Shankarananda
Deepak Chopra
Eckhart Tolle
Florence Scovel Shinn
Louise Hay


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