How to use the Audios


How to Use the Audios

The Empower Your life Series Wisdom Knowledge Audios 1-12 are like an audio book designed to be listened to starting from Audio 1-12. They can be listened to at random once 1-12 audios in order are complete. You will learn Wisdom Knowledge to help you understand yourself more clearly and change areas of your inner world that don't support you.

Empower Your Life

Wisdom Knowledge Series

  • 1 . Introduction
  • 2.Get to know Yourself
  • 3.Feelings & Stress Patterns
  • 4.Being in the Present
  • 5.Accepting What is & Learning to let go
  • 6.Power of the Breath
  • 7.Love for improved quality of life
  • 8. Gratefulness & Blessings
  • 9. Giving & Receiving
  • 10.Your Intention
  • 11.You are unique
  • 12. Bandhas-Dristi Focus

Techniques to reframe the mind

  • Look @ Your current Blue Print running your life @ reframe technique
  • 7 Layers of Colour Visualisation for Reframing your Blue Print

These Audios are designed to use after you have listened to The Wisdom knowledge Audios 1-12

  • The 8x week meditation program is to be followed by listening to the introduction then followed from week 1-8 until complete. Ongoing you can select any meditation audio to continue your practice.
  • Shavasana is designed to practice at your leisure.
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