How to use the Members Section

How to use the Members Section

Congratulations in becoming a member of Yogaconceptsonline as mentioned previously I look forward to sharing your journey as you meet your full potential.

How to use the Members Section

  • You will notice the package you have purchased will be highlighted with a number which is available for you to click on and play. Update packages are also available.

Prior to starting the video programs I would like you to view the introductions to each of "The Knowing Flow" sequences and modifications sections. In particular forward bending and general modifications is for every one so when you're practicing you can apply the modifications that suit your specific situation as required. It is very common for individuals to bring past or present, back, neck, shoulder, knee pain hamstring injuries and other aliments or health conditions to their yoga practice. It's important to listen to your body if you experience pain in a posture stop immediately or shift back to a point of ease. "To be patient in your practice is the key. "

The aim of these sequences is to connect ground and balance you on a body mind and soul level, improving and correcting physical and emotional weaknesses.

Over time on a physical level, you will build upper torso, lower torso & core strength, flexibility ,stamina and a balanced, healthy sculptured body mind and soul connection, if you practice regularly with awareness. People with various physical aliments such as tight hips often ask me what specific exercise they can do to address weakness. My answer is the sequences are designed in each session to address and correct weaknesses on the physical plat form, addressing the muscular and skeletal aspects of the neck, shoulders, backs, core muscles, tight hips, hamstrings, calves etc.

The important part is to practice regularly with awareness and patience and positive change unfolds. A daily practice is ideal however practicing at least 2 to 3 times weekly is beneficial. Mindfulness is important to bring into your practice. Lots of people over think, for example, if you go into your practice worrying about not being very good in practicing some of the yoga asanas (postures) or you may focus on what went on at work or something else that is going on in your life you are not in the present moment. Being present which is covered in-depth in the audios teachers you to focus on what you are actually doing. By focusing on your breath and  what you are doing teaches you to notice the subtleness of your experience and  you can learn to shift some of the stress patterns that may tense you or limit you in moving forward to meet your full potential.

It is important to listen to the Audios as I cover in-depth information about our mind ,left hemisphere of the brain  or ego, the right hemisphere front lobe or creative  intuitive ,soul self ,emotions and subtlies  that crop up that can impact your life in either a positive or negative way. My passion is to help you to get to know yourself from within so you can be empowered. If you understand your mind and stress patterns then connect realign those aspects and connect with your soul....your body will follow and will look and feel wonderful. When the body is free from pain one is able to experience the expansion of energy beyond the limitations of the body.

NB: Not all physical movement is suitable for everybody it is important to check with your medical professional before starting if any current medical conditions exist.


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