Kids/Family Yoga

What is Kids/Family Yoga?

Yoga Concepts caters for the whole family

Yoga Bubs™ - Pre Natal

This program looks after the expectant mother and unborn baby through out her pregnancy. The course runs over eight weeks. Evening class and day time classes cater for the working and stay at home expectant mother .The programs are designed to prepare the mother for birth and beyond. The practice will help individuals to maintain strength and flexibility, pelvic floor strength, bond with the unborn baby, be calm, learn techniques to implement during birth and cultivate focus balance and overall well being. Feedback from past participants is that yoga improves the birthing delivery experience and recovery time.

Yoga Bubs™ - Post natal

The programs run over 8 weeks and are designed to help the new mother gain strength and flexibility with a particular focus on improving the pelvic floor and core strength muscles. Mums will also learn to reconnect with their self in a new way. They will cultivate a deeper awareness of their emotional, physical and spiritual self. This enhances relationships with their partner or if single their situation, baby and family.

Yoga Bubs™ Mother / Father & Baby

This program runs over 8 weeks and is a beautiful way for the mother/father and baby to bond. The yoga style will be gentle and fun where the parent will engage directly with their baby and enjoy a relaxing and caring experience. This cultivates, calmness, awareness, and offers the parent the opportunity of networking with other parents.

Yoga Bubs™ - Baby massage

This 8 week program is the ultimate in creating calm for the parent and baby. Learn to be more confident in touching your baby. Touch is a powerful soothing medium as the new born and young baby responds to you through touch, voice, body language, and emotional experience .Let your love flow and your family unfold in positive ways.

Concept Kids™

Specifically designed programs to enhance awareness in your child. Yoga programs for all ages: 3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-12 years. Combining role play, imagination play, games songs and music individuals access their creativity. Gentle postures will help your child develop and maintain a yoga practice with the focus of enhancing, confidence and a positive self esteem. All programs are tailored to meet the young persons needs in a fun way.

3-5 yrs explore: 6-8 years explore: 9-12 years explore:
basic postures suitable yoga postures suitable yoga postures
imaginative play role play strength and flexibility
strength and flexibility strength and flexibility meditation
relaxation meditation creative visualisation
self-esteem relaxation relaxation
concentration self concepts to be more positive
posture posture posture
team skills team skills core strength

Creative Movement

Combining music, percussion beat and imagination young people are taught how to transfer thoughts and feelings into movement. Creative dance enhances your child's imagination in an energetic, mentally stimulating environment. This is a fun alternative to athletic exercise, focusing on the imagination and individual while nourishing the body and soul.

This program helps improve:

  • self esteemconfidence
  • relaxation
  • imagination
  • co-ordination
  • fun and excitement
  • social skills - opportunity to make new friends
  • creativity


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