The Knowing Flow™ Yoga Vinyasa

The Knowing Flow™ Vinyasa sequences

Designed intuitively by Januta Ribinskas “The Knowing Flow® ” yoga style is a dynamic vinyasa (moving breathing linked) flow. The sequences often consist of standing, balancing, seated, twisted reclining and inverted asana postures, finishing the flow with shavasana. The essence of the practice is to shift the energy from the base chakra (energy centre situated at the base of the etheric spine) to the knowing or intuitive space of the awareness beyond mind. Science suggests the knowing space to be the part of the brain where we naturally know what is right as far as decisions and what our true potential is rather than being clouded by the thinking mind that can often be influenced by fear and doubt. When you tap into the space you don’t doubt you just breathe and know the love, wisdom, health, happiness, wealth and prosperity that manifests from this space.


The sequence rewires the energy circuits. The body and mind are one and all thought and memory positive or negative is stored on an energetic and molecular level. This flow further develops strength and flexibility, cultivates calmness yet in the right time releases the emotional blocks on a cellular level. Allow the body to be filled with, knowing, freedom, feel the energy rise feel alive. By being linked to the present living fully in the now noticing life as it is you will be liberated from the trappings of the limited mind. . Expand grow be in the now. Cultivate your changed state.

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